Angry Birds Plush Pillows

The Red Bird from Angry Birds is rendered into a 14″ plush which might serve as a cushion, pillow, or projectile.

Angry Birds is undoubtedly one of the hottest titles of 2011! These regular cheery finches turn Angry when they discover their eggs stolen by a group of evil green pigs. Now they must do everything in their power to destroy the pigs and retrieve their eggs!

This 14-inch plush pillow set feature the iconic Red Bird and an evil Green Pig, each is thoughtfully designed and meticulously sewn for a finish that you just want to cuddle with! With the holidays almost here these Angry Birds plush pillows are gonna make the prefect present for any Angry Birds Lover!

Measurements: Plush Pillows measure 14″ X 12″
Packaging: Loose w/ Tag
Price: $24.95 Retail/Pillow

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