Photographer captures stampede below rampaging animals

Last summer, photographer Chris Weston dug a ditch with the help of locals at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, descended into it, and waited. He waited for seven hours until a thundering stampede of willdebeest, zebras, and impalas trampled over his hiding spot as he took photos. The reason for his little stunt? He’s publishing a book titled ‘Animals on Edge’ that’s being published later this year.

The ditch was covered by railway ties and Weston said, “They were literally running over the top of me. Their hooves were inches away from the end of my camera lens. The stampede was part of a game capture exercise, where wildlife was being relocated from one game reserve to a new one in Zimbabwe, so I knew it was happening that day.”

“The sound of the stampede so close was deafening and dust and debris were flying everywhere. After they had passed, it took almost a whole minute before I could breathe again due to the dust in the pit.”

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