17 most isolated cities in the world

17 most isolated cities in the world

Our world has many mysteries and facts that most of us do not know. People often want to spend time with family and friends in some of the most beautiful places in the world. These places include beaches, hill stations, waterfalls, and historic monuments.

If you want to spend precious time with your family in some desolated places, you can look at the list of the world’s most isolated places below:

  1. 1. Funafuti

Funafuti is the Small Island and capital of Tuvalu. This place has small villages and private lands. It is also home to the largest lagoon where you can spend valuable time with close ones.

Further, this island has many palm trees and nature spots all around its vicinity. It is the place to get mental relief from city noise, traffic, and pollution. You can get a great discount on ticket online using makemytrip coupons.

  1. Tristan da Cunha

The next on the list is Tristan da Cunha. It is located near to British Overseas territory. The calmness here will mesmerize you completely.

  1. Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen is one of the most isolated cities in the world you can think of travelling to. It is a calm and quiet place with cold weather. You can visit here during the winter season.

  1. La Rinconada

Situated in Peru, this is a secluded place with silence. You can view many gold mines and glaciers near La Rinconada. It is a small place with less population.

  1. Easter Island

This is a World Heritage Site in Chile. It is home to the ancient statues. Easter Island is the popular tourist destination of the world. There is greenery all around this island with a large sea.

  1. Oymyakon

The next on the list is Oymyakon. It is the coldest region situated near Russia. It is away from the chaos of the city and mind-blowing silence. You must carry warm clothes while going to this place.

  1. Barrow

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Alaska, you must visit this place. There are 2 ways to reach this place- either by airplanes or ships. It is a cold region and you can enjoy it during winter.

  1. Siwa Oasis

The next on the list is an isolated place in Egypt. You can do many interesting things here such as swimming in mineral springs and rest in the desert.

  1. Medog

You can now spend some hours in nature in one of the world’s most isolated places. It is Medog in Tibet. The sharp mountains covered in snow and travelling clouds will make your mind fresh.

  1. Socotra Island

This is an archipelago in Yemen where you will witness the elegance of nature at its best. It is UNESCO World Heritage Site and you must see it.

  1. 11. Ittoqqortoormiit

Greenland is the paradise that will make your head turn. The small huts with covers of snow and ice flakes all around the place are the characteristics of this isolated place.

  1. Yakutsk

Situated in Siberia, this is one of the famous places in the world. You can see many lakes and rivers in this region. You can apply for Travel Consultant Jobs to know about this field.

  1. Torshavn

This is one of the world’s most isolated places with a small population. This place has colourful huts and islands.

  1. Villa Las Estrellas

Villa Las Estrellas is a place in Antarctica. It is one of the most isolated places in theworld. This place has no internet service which makes it the best place to rest. Villa Las Estrellas.

  1. Bantam

The next on the list is Cocos Islands near Perth. It is the place where you can enjoy adventures such as surfing, snorkelling, and kitesurfing. Many visitors come here every year to enjoy sightseeing and adventures.

  1. 16. Supai

This is the remote place in Grand Canyon of Arizona. You can reach this village either by helicopter or on a horse. There are 4 waterfalls in Supai where many tourists visit every year. It has Havasu Creek which is a beautiful place to spend time.

  1. Coober Pedy

This is the “opal capital of the world” near Adelaide. You will find many mining industries in this town. It has a population of 3500 people and you can take a flight from Adelaide to reach here.


This is the list of most isolated places in the world you can choose for vacation. They have tranquility, calmness, and peace to freshen your minds and body. You will get a serene feeling by plunging in the silence of these places.

So now, plan your vacations in any one of the above places.

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