5 Proven Tips to Create a High Converting ecommerce Landing Page Design

5 Proven Tips to Create a High Converting ecommerce Landing Page Design

We all have heard the phrase, “The first impression is the last impression.” And it is very true in most situations where you may not get a second opportunity to make a great first impression again. The same philosophy goes for your eCommerce business development. This is because when you are targeting your audience, you want to create an amazing and positive first impression through your landing page.

Today, almost every business has its website, so it is very important to get hold of your audience on your landing page. Remember, the landing page of your website is the destination page which decides the future of your business. So, to decrease the bounce rate and compel your visitors to stay on your website can be done by designing an effective landing page.

What is an effective landing page?

A landing page that encourages your audience to convert from leads to subscribers will fall into the category of an effective landing page.  Creating aEcommerce landing page involves writing sound copies implemented with eye-catchy designs. Professionally the design should include products, services, and company information, offers, and a CTA. Most importantly, the design should be responsive. This means the design should be able to offer an outstanding user experience when viewed from any device.

Keep on reading the article to come up with an impactful landing page design.

  1. Define Your Target Audience

The very first rule of designing a landing page is to identify the target audience and their needs.            Know who your audience is and what their pain points are. Why target the target audience? This is because when you make an audience-centric page, the bounce rate decreases.

How can you become audience-centric?

Know what your audience expects from your business and wants to see on your landing page. To figure this out, try answering the following questions-

  • Does your landing page have the answers to your audience questions?
  • Does it contain an eye-catchy headline, offers, CTA, and relevant content?
  • Is your landing page unique?
  • Does it display and explain the products and services of your business clearly to your audience?

Once you find out the answers to these questions, you will get a clear picture of what you should have on your landing page and whatnot.

  1. Find Out your Purpose

To have a successful landing page for your business, make sure it signifies a clear purpose to your audience. What does it mean to have a specific purpose? The purpose of your page depicts the reason for its existence. Therefore, make sure to clearly define the purpose of your page. How can you do that?

  • By including the relevant CTA.
  • By including a newsletter sign up or subscription form
  • By incorporating top-selling products on the page.

Defining the purpose of your landing page helps in eliminating the confusion and uncertainty of your visitors. Ignoring the purpose can lead to your audience losing interest in your page. So, design your page in such a way that it signifies the purpose of your brand’s existence clearly.

  1. Incorporate Appropriate and Attention-Grabbing Headers

How can your visitor decide to spend maximum time on your website and become a customer? With a catchy headline! A catchy header should be interesting, impactful and action-oriented. Also, a header is the first thing that catches visitors’ attention, it should match the tone and design of your webpage.

How do you make a  catchy header line?

Use enticing, easy-to-understand and value-driven vocabulary in the header lines. You can use Call-to-Action in your header to help your readers take immediate action when they are on the landing page.

After finalizing the header, check again and see if the header is matching the ad copy or not.  Ad copies that complement the header lines reduce the bounce rate and improve the landing page content quality.

  1. Make an Enticing Design

Apart from a catchy header, the design of the landing page plays an important role in maintaining your visitor’s interest on your website. How do you make your landing page look beautiful?

  • Include fonts and colors that are unique to your brand.
  • Create a well-organized page
  • Implement the ‘Less is More’formula while designing the landing page.
  • Incorporate videos and images relevant to the theme of your landing page.
  • Design a persuasive and easy-to-understand CTAs.

A good landing page design must not only be visually compelling but it should also be informative and easy-to-navigate.  Make sure that the key information should come directly into the contact of the visitor. You can also provide more information to your visitors without adding much text with the help of explanatory videos.

Do not forget to include information that is

  • Relevant to your audience
  • Capable of converting your visitors
  • Solve your users’ queries
  1. Test Your Landing Page Design

Testing helps you understand what will work for your audience and what won’t. Testing provides you with an opportunity to refine and polish your work until it becomes the best.

After you finalize your design and content, publish and test your design for its reliability and genuineness. While you put your design to the test, implement A/B testing to see what factors can help you get the highest number of conversions.

Analyze your page for minimalism. It should be a clean page with obvious, natural navigation and no distractions.

Design the Best Landing Page 

While designing the page, make sure to keep the needs and expectations of your audience in mind. Make sure that the headline you are picking is compelling and attractive. Do not forget to include attractive visuals in the design to engage with your audience. Also, do not forget to add your contact information and a live chat option on the landing page. Finally, resolve all the flaws found in A/B testing.

Remember to address the maximum issue there are minimal words on your landing page.  When you offer value to your customers, they start taking an interest in your business. So make sure your landing page is conveying value to visitors.

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