5 Reasons why you should Visit the US for your next Vacation

5 Reasons why you should Visit the US for your next Vacation

Come vacation time and many of us are left wondering about where to go. After all, there are just so many different places that we could head to!

Well, how about visiting the US? There is simply so much on offer there!

With that thought, in this post we share 5 compelling reasons for which it definitely makes a lot of sense for you to consider the US for your next vacation.

It’s HUGE!

A major reason you should definitely consider visiting the US for your next vacation would be its size; it genuinely is B-I-G, given that it is the fourth largest independent country in the world by land area.

Now, it is not simply this large geographic size for which we recommend going to the US for your next vacation. Rather, it is about the diversity which comes with this large size.

For instance, you will find a variety of different weathers, including extreme cold up north or around the Rocky Mountains to warm and sunny clime much of the year in places like Florida.

Alongside, the big, expansive spread of the US means that you will be privy to people from many different cultures, get a flavor(quite literally!) of so many unique cuisines, and also experience a variety of different lifestyles as you traverse through vast expanses of the United States.

Something for Everyone

Now, we are all not the same. Instead, we are all unique in our own different ways, be it the clothes we wear, the food we enjoy, or indeed the way we travel.

Specifically looking at things from a budget perspective, the US is one place where travelers with a wide variety of budgets can easily fit in and travel comfortably. For instance, there are motels which everyday folks can easily afford. At the same time, no matter how fancy your tastes may be, you will find luxurious hotels that can easily blow you away.

This diversity in offerings where there is literally something for everyone is rarely seen in a lot of other places in the world. Instead, we see immense homogeneity where either things are uniformly affordable (and of the same standard) for everyone or else they are excessively pricey such that few can really travel comfortably.

In case of the US, that is never a concern.

Well-developed Tourism Infrastructure

From a tourism infrastructure point of view, the US is especially very well developed. This is perhaps not very difficult to comprehend, when we consider the fact that the US is the third most visited country in the world.

So whether it is variety of hotel options, well organized travel tours, group tours in dedicated languages catering to tourists from specific regions or countries, you will find all that and more with immense ease.

It is the extremely well organized and well entrenched tourism ecosystem which has made the US such a preferred destination for tourists from around the world.

Are you Aware of Visa Free Travel to the US?

ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization allows visitors from select countries to travel to the US without a prior tourist visa.

From the time the ESTA was first setup, travelers from countries on the Visa Waiver Program have benefited enormously since they have been able to the US without having to go through the trouble of getting a tourist visa in advance.

As an ESTA check, the conditions you need to fulfill in order to qualify for visa free travel to the US include:

  • Having a valid passport from one of the countries which is on the Visa Waiver Program list.
  • Paying the $14 ESTA application fee.
  • Documentation which confirms your recent employment details.

With these relatively basic requirements in place, you will easily be able to travel to the US without having to obtain a tourist visa from your home country in advance.

Natural and Manmade Wonders

Continuing with our 5 reasons to visit the US for your next vacation, we really feel that the eclectic mix of natural and manmade wonders seen in the US is unlike anything else that you will find anywhere else in the world.

Take the Grand Canyon as a prime example of a natural wonder – there is simply nothing else like it, anywhere else in the world. At the same time, Las Vegas with its Strip is an awe-inspiring manmade wonder, which you really need to visit to experience.

Culinary Delicacies

The Americans sure love their food! Once in the US, you will be privy to a large variety of exquisite dishes that you will hardly be able to find anywhere else. The “melting pot” status of the US has especially created a scenario where there is food from all over the world available in the country, often given its own little twist and taste.


Armed with ESTA – as long as you happen to be from one of the Visa Waiver Program countries, you can easily look forward to visiting the US for your next vacation!

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