Best Airlines For Cyclists

Best Airlines For Cyclists

Destination bike trips are getting more and more popular as states across the country invest in making their cities and national parks more accessible to cyclists. That means you can easily save money on transportation while bringing your favorite hobby on vacation with you, which is especially great for mountain bike enthusiasts, competitive racers, and others who have to travel just for the chance to do what they love. It’s also providing more options for casual riders, but not every airline is equally bike-friendly. The wrong choice could cost a lot of money in fees, or worse, it could mean running up against policies that make recourse difficult if you have any damage in transit. That makes your choice of airlines a very important part of planning any trip that involves transporting a bicycle, whether it’s a vacation or a road trip to pick up a new ride from someplace with great womens bikes for sale.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest has been doing good work too make sure that cyclists don’t have to pay exorbitant costs just to bring a ride with them. While standard baggage fees apply even to equipment like your bicycle, they have a standard bike fee that’s only $75. Considering the cost of airline travel and the way a good bike can save you on transportation costs at your destination, this is a bargain, because it makes you independent when you arrive at your destination if you want to be. The fee is a flat charge for domestic U.S. flights, so it’s easy to plan the costs of a cycling vacation when you book with them.

Jet Blue

If you’re looking to save money when you fly, Jet Blue wants to be your go-to airline, and it shows. They’ve spent years cultivating their niche as the affordable choice for frequent travelers and the bike policy reflects it, with just a $50 surcharge for bikes between 62″ and 80″ in combined length, height, and width. The best part? Bikes under 62″ fly for no additional charge. Be careful when picking out the mens bike you’ll travel with, though. The airline will not accept any bicycles over 80″ as checked luggage, not even with a higher fee. If you ride a compact bike build, though, this might be your lowest cost flight out the door.

Alaska Airlines

This company should be your top choice for bike trips if you have a ride that’s over the free length from Jet Blue and their other prices are competitive with that company, because Alaska Airlines has adopted a policy of waiving the fees for oversized sports equipment in a variety of categories. That means checking your ride for the flight will cost you just $25, like any other bag you need checked. Your carry-on is free, too. That means if you pack light, you can even get away with making the bike the only piece of luggage you need to check. If you’re looking for a men hybrid bike for sale you can use when you commute on business trips, keep this in mind for your next round of flights.

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