Cricket Helmet Buyers’ Guides

Cricket Helmet Buyers’ Guides

It has been mandatory for all younger players under 18 to put on cricket safety helmets when batting, fielding within 15 lawns of the bat and also while taking on the stumps as an arch keeper. With cricket rounds taking a trip over of 90 miles an hr at the top end of the video game, the risk of head injury merely is expensive as well as an adequately fitted cricket helmets is now an essential item of cricketing tools.


The covering of a cricket safety helmet developed to offer maximum influence defence as well as shock absorption to most of a batsman’s head. The use of a grill in alliance with a cricket helmet provides the user with a high level of protection while intending to minimise the effect on the user’s exposure. The extra padding within cricket safety helmets executes two essential functions. Firstly it functions as the third layer of shock absorption, further reducing the impact of a cricket sphere influence. Second of all, the padding assists guarantee a limited yet comfortable fit, avoiding the safety helmet moving around way too much mid-stroke or in feedback to an impact. A safe and secure, well-fitting cricket safety helmet is an essential factor in its performance. The chin strap is a crucial feature in making sure that your cricket helmet stays firmly in position and also even more notably that any influences to the grill, do not just push the grill into your face.


Selecting a cricket safety helmet with an excellent fit is practically essential as the materials within. If the cricket safety helmet’s cushioning does not fit your head comfortably, or the chin strap is too loose, the shock might not adequately absorb by the safety helmet. Many cricket safety helmets include adjustability in numerous forms to help make sure the most effective fit. Similar to many products, the real size and also fitting of cricket safety helmets can range brands, and it is extremely not likely that any guide will certainly ever prove 100% effective. Ideally, try and see us at our Cricket Specialist shop to ensure that you can speak with our professional personnel and try on a couple of helmets to find the best one for you. We have compiled this table based on info from a variety of different brand names to offer you with a market average guide to cricket safety helmet dimensions.

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make sure that your cricket helmet is appropriately fitted, adhere to the points below:

  • The cricket helmet ought to fit securely on the head
  • The chin band ought to be firmly fitted
  • There ought to be no front-to-back or side-to-side activity of your head inside the cricket helmet
  • The chin band should fit on the user’s chin NOT under it

Getting choices

Like a lot of safety items, as you go up with the ranges of cricket helmets and also keep in mind the increase in rate, you’ll be asking So what am I obtaining for my cash. In this case, as you spend, even more, you will undoubtedly see some rise in security to manage the higher spheres rates—shell materials such as ABS plastic being changed with Fibreglass and afterwards subsequently Carbon Fiber. Most of the times, what you will certainly additionally see is enhanced convenience degrees. Convenience enhancements will consist of weight reductions such as the intro of titanium grills over carbon steel. More costly cricket helmets tend to include more as well as better ventilation along with sweat-wicking materials and removable inserts.


Taking care of your cricket helmet is crucial in making sure the high quality and also safety functions kept over the long-term. Failing to maintain your cricket helmet might cause your cricket helmet falling short of securing you. Comply with the factors below to guarantee that your cricket safety helmet kept appropriately:

  • After any impact, check the safety helmet for any noticeable damage such as cracks and contortion
  • Change any damaged locations with the main components
  • If the helmet harmed, quit utilising it quickly and get a new one
  • Always store your cricket helmet in a dry environment and away from straight sunshine as when it comes to ABS plastics they can break down with time
  • Secure your safety helmet from impacts or compression while being stored or transferred

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If cricket helmet does not have a fabric covering, clean away any dust or spots using a moist towel with a mild cleaning agent. If your cricket safety helmet has a cloth cover, clean the cloth utilising a small bristled brush and also light cleaning agent.

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