Email Marketing And Instagram Perform Better Together

Email Marketing And Instagram Perform Better Together

There is a lot you can do in email marketing when you integrate it with Instagram, but how much you are aware of it is the point. Well, here are a few essential things that you can do with such an integration.

  • Instead of driving your followers to the landing page or your website and click several times to buy or convert, you can seal the deal right in the body of the email with kinetic email design.
  • With your super valuable emails, you can put in data from user-profiles and behavior real-time rather than showing them products and content that are irrelevant to them.
  • Use real reviews from several third-party sites instead of using fake reviews created by your marketing team into your emails that will showcase the authenticity of your brand.
  • You can take the social conversations of the people to their inbox instead of needing them to move to the social platforms to talk about you by leveraging real-time content.
  • You can show animation and GIFs elegantly in the email body instead of an inept video attempt and use the coding tricks used just on the websites.
  • Make the best use of the robust layers of emails to enable the followers to find what they are looking for on any channel in a more seamless fashion without needing them to link to a specific age.
  • You can use models instead of the abandoned cart to trigger your campaign and predict users who are most likely to buy specific items by sending a pre-abandoned cart campaign to a larger audience.

Ideally, emails today should be considered as a VIP channel that is owned that will take the campaigns to the next level. This will elevate permission email into a business game-changer and asset.

Instagram in email marketing

Now is the time when contextual commerce and email technology is used by businesses, marketers, and agencies like Gramista. This technology will help you to insert social media content into your email template. This was not easy before this technology was available.

  • This technology has made the slower email messages that lacked in the relevance of content now more useful for modern social media that has a quick tempo.
  • This technology has made email marketers ensure cross-channel marketing using different social media icons. This has decreased the volume of content maintenance.

It is due to this technology that has made graphical social media icons a norm for integrating social media, Instagram in particular, into email consistently almost overnight.

Since email technology has evolved over time significantly and can now be used to:

  • Display posts with imagery
  • Pull social account info in real-time and
  • To make these a part of the live content of an email rather than being a simple logo.

This means that social content is synchronized seamlessly across both channels, which is why email marketing and Instagram work better together.

Visibility and ROI

Fusing Instagram and email marketing improve the visibility of a brand online as well as the relevance of the email.

  • It gives the emails a different kind of attractiveness and appeals to the refreshing visual elements included in it. All these provide a higher return on investment.
  • On the other hand, email marketing drives loyal customers and inbox readers to follow your Instagram account. This, in turn, strengthens the omnichannel B2C relationship.

Therefore, instead of using any of these as a standalone strategy, you should integrate them to gain the maximum possible gains. There are a few specific benefits to integrating these two channels to leverage both in conjunction. The benefits include:

Email marketing alone is a powerful tool for lead generation, nurturing, and customer acquisition, and with Instagram, it is even more powerful. Such infusion will help you to reinvent the huge marketing openings that social media has on offer. This will, in turn, will help you grow your business and take it to the new height.

Abandoned cart emails

Email marketing is useful for businesses and provides them ways more than one to take their business marketing to a new level, irrespective of the type of industry. However, it may perform exceptionally well for some industry and not on that level for a few. Here is an example that will make things clear:

  • A cart abandonment email may have a click-through rate of 6.54% in comparison to 3.48% and
  • A higher open rate of 48% in contrast to general marketing emails.

Most of the time, the cart abandonment emails will typically serve as reminders to the users that will tell them about the items left in their online shopping cart. These emails will create a sense of urgency in the users. The statements and elements that will create such a sense of urgency can be:

  • The item is selling out fast
  • Offering an incentive if they come back
  • Get a discount when they make the next purchase or
  • Guarantee free shipping when an order is completed.

According to research, more than 40% of abandoned cart emails are opened, and out of this, 50 % of these eventually end up in a completed purchase.

Personalize things more

There are lots of things that you can do with the combination of emails and Instagram. These are:

  • You can offer incentives
  • You can notify about any upcoming events
  • You can inform you about the latest news and most importantly
  • Add a touch of personalization in a lot of things.

You can personalize product recommendations to prioritize the content that is displayed on the app or website. You can get sophisticated insights into the customer profiles and products with the prioritized recommendation system.

The data is maintained in the recommendation engine and can be used according to their history of interactions with items. All these will enable you to prepare powerful business reports based on the regular behavior analysis.

Therefore, it will be unwise not to integrate email with Instagram marketing in this modern business landscape.

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