Ensure growth and commercial success of your Instagram handle with the right tools

Ensure growth and commercial success of your Instagram handle with the right tools

Instagram is a phenomenal a social media platform. The photo-sharing app has over 7.7 billion users and still counting. At a time when Facebook tends to be more Messenger centric and Twitter feeds on social issues and politics, Instagram stands out as the platform for brands, friends and strangers.

  • If you have an IG account for business, you need to have the right marketing tool to grow it. Awario can do that. This social media monitoring implement finds your brand mentions or other keywords across the web, other social media platforms, and news/blogs.
  • By analyzing your brand mentions on a platform, it shows who your business advocates/promotes and who the micro/nano and macro influencers in the industry are.
  • It also shows the sentiment behind your product and underlines the locations and languages of your audience.
  • Buffer is a great scheduling tool. You can schedule your content and publish it across different social media sites.
  • You can publish the same content or different stuff across different mediums. You can also evaluate how your posts/content are performing in the context of clicks, impressions, and engagement.

Amplifying your account

With more concentration on visuals and limited scope for text, it’s tough to build an ideal IG profile for your followers. Turbo-charging your account is only possible when you find the best tools to propel your posts and drive customer engagement.

  • LeeTags is a free tool to analyze trending and relevant hashtags. It generates hundreds of such relevant hashtags. You can simply replicate them in your Instagram posts.
  • If you want to gain more followers in quick time, you can Instagram followers buyfrom recognized sites.
  • With LeeLeg, you can craft an impeccable list of hashtags from different categories, such as Photography/Art, Most Popular, Fitness, and Fashion. It’s a great tool for fashion enthusiasts.
  • The hashtag collection categories also have sub-domains that you can use for micro-marketing. For example, in the ambit of fashion, you can find granular hashtags or categories like ‘Men’s fashion’, ‘Girl’s Fashion’, ‘Dress of the Day, etc.
  • VSCO is another marketing with both free and paid versions. You need to pay $19.99 annually for membership.
  • You can edit videos and pictures of fashion and fitness with a throng of presets and filters.
  • It’s a great way of capturing your audience’s attention and promoting your brand.

 Beautifying your images

Your fashion vision and mission are incomplete without the right Instagram filters. Crazy and cool apps like Enlight helps you unleash your impulse and creativity.

  • You can edit your pictures to look a cut above the rest. It’s perfect for small brands that don’t have the best editing and photography skills, and also necessitate special help prior to posting.
  • Afterlight is an outstanding IG tool. If you want more filters, you’ve it right here. It has 70 natural tones and textures, 128 frames, and 74 exotic filters.
  • Facetune is another crazy app. It lets you tune up or photoshop images/faces before you post them on Instagram.
  • So, before you post close-up shots or interviews, this tool can be very handy for you.
  • In the context of scheduling tools for marketing your brand on Instagram, there are dedicated IG schedulers that help you in planning your content calendar.
  • The number one name to top the list will be Hootsuite. This tool not only blends well with your social media accounts, but it has recently incorporated IG as well.
  • Though you cannot schedule posts directly, they allow you to react and respond to comments on the posts on your Instagram feed.
  • It allows you to view likes and repost from its interface. The cost starts at $19 per month for a single user and $99 per month for three users.
  • Buffer also syncs with Instagram. You can also set it up for sending notifications to your mobile phone.
  • It carries pre-written taglines and captions and edited photos, which it saves to a clipboard. You know that it’s ready for you to post it in your feed. The freemium model comes with a variety of options. Price starts at $10 per month.
  • Schedugram has to be the most interesting scheduler in the list. Though amazingly old-school, its website references entailing multiple phone accesses help you to handle different accounts.
  • The physical pool of mobiles phones it uses to do the posting is very interesting.

Growing your audience

Kicksta deserves special mention in this writeup. Growing your audience doesn’t happen on a passive note. You need to find active and relevant users on the platform and interact with them in a manner that will propel them to follow your handle.

  • While it’s not always difficult to tap potential audience or IG members, it can be a very tedious process to engage with them.
  • Kicksta essays an instrumental role in streamlining the process of engaging your audience. It essential does most of the heavy navigating and lifting on your behalf.
  • You submit the profiles/accounts whose audience you wish to attract. Kicksta likes the content of members following those top influencers.
  • You’ll find that organic interactions are a superb way of gaining real IG followers for yourself and your client. With Kicksta, there’s no need to undertake the manual work.

Scheduling tools that make a difference

Sendible is a hugely popular and trusted social media management tool, which gives you the bandwidth to schedule videos and images directly to your IG handle as well as other social networks.

  • You can choose scheduling your posts for a specific number of times. You can also add them to the lines or queues that you need to publish at predetermined and preset intervals.
  • You also have the optional of recycling your content. The content you schedule on IG shows up on a social media calendar. It gives you the option to pick and drag and drop the posts to tweak or shuffle your schedule in no time.

Considering that Sendible is an inclusive tool, you can also conduct reports for other social networks. It has a report builder, which is particularly beneficial to those having many clients.

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