High-End Dedicated Server at Best Price

High-End Dedicated Server at Best Price

There is a lingering question among people using complex websites and mission-critical applications on the best server to use. Given that such applications require higher resources to run using high-end dedicated servers would be among the best hosting solutions. For instance, it would be impossible for VPS or any entry-level dedicated server to host a site that is experiencing millions of visitors.

High-End Dedicated Server

The most common type of dedicated hosting server is a powerful computer that is connected to a high-speed internet connection and housed in a cutting edge server farm office. On the other hand, a high-end dedicated server is a state-of-the-art system that is fitted out with powerful CPUs, larger RAM modules, RAID disks, and backups. These servers have a larger computing capacity, which is designed to withstand high traffics and also achieve maximum performance.

High-End Servers Configuration

These types of servers are used to host any computing scenarios where performance is paramount. A standard high-end dedicated server comprises a processor, a random-access memory (RAM) usually ranging between 64GB and 512GB storage, a hard disk drive (HDD) of 8-24TB SATA, cooling units and power supply, and daily backups. This is an ideal high-end configuration setup, but it can be upgraded to suit specific business needs.

Advantages of High-End Dedicated Servers

There several benefits that come with using high-end dedicated servers. Below is a list of some of the benefits:

  1. Scalability

High-end dedicated servers are flexible and allow for scaling up and down depending on business needs. This allows a business to adjust its resources according to their needs, thus helping save on cost. Also, its scalability makes it easier to manage compared to building out a cluster.

  1. Enhanced Performance

Given that high-end dedicated servers are fitted with state-of-the-art resources, their performance is guaranteed. The hardware means the server operates optimally with high response time and reduced chances of downtime.

  1. Security

When using high-end servers, it allows security to be implemented in an efficient and effective way. Using high-end dedicated servers enable the data to be backed up and retrieved more efficiently, thus avoiding any loss in case of a disaster happening.

Hosting Hypervisors and High-Traffic Websites

When it comes to high-end dedicated servers, one of the primary roles is setting up hypervisor and playing host to smaller virtual machines. In most cases, dedicated server providers use high-end servers to host smaller machines and later sell them to their clients.

Building a Private Cloud

Building both public and private cloud platforms requires the use of high-end dedicated servers. However, many establishments opt to have their private cloud platforms in order to host their applications. In such an instance, many businesses choose to rent a dedicated server on which to run their cloud platforms as well as hosting services.

High-End Dedicated Server Prices

Various companies like HostingRaja offer high-end dedicated server hosting services. Just like on any other server, the hosting providers charge depending on the amount of resources a business needs. For instance, a package with over 1000GB disk space, memory 16GB, unmetered bandwidth, and CPU costs between $800-5000 per month. However, for managed entry-level packages with a 10-100GB, 1GB memory and a maximum of 100GB bandwidth costs around $100 per month. A high-end dedicated server is usually much more expensive than any other web hosting solutions.

Overall, high-end dedicated servers are not recommended for small and medium-sized businesses, given the cost required to maintain such solutions. However, companies that experience high traffics should use this hosting solution as it will enhance their website response time. For any assistance regarding configuration and setup, one should contact the hosting service provider.

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