Questions to ask a stock broker before you hire one

Questions to ask a stock broker before you hire one

If you are new to stock marketing and would like to invest in the market, then availing the services of the best stock broker in India might be at the back of your mind. A lot of questions have to be asked before you sign on the dotted line. People end up choosing brokers as they offer a low commission, but your trading size and account platform has an important role to play in making profit or loss in the stock market. Before you go on to choose a trading broker you have to outline a trading plan. Some questions you need to ask before you choose a stock broker

What is the commission you have to pay?

The price of commission has an important role in how much money you make from the stock market. Full brokers tend to levy a high charge of commission and you have to consider the point if you are looking to avail their services.

What is the volume of trades you are expected to place in a year?

Some brokerage firms levy extra charges if you do not undertake a fixed volume of trades in a given year. If these fees work out to be a botheration then you should look for another broker

What are the trading style and the markets you are expected to trade?

Mostly the brokers provide you with an option of trading in the markets you are looking to trade. If you are relying on the services of a discount broker, the trading style will not matter, but if it is a full time broker the trading style has a role to play. In fact your trading style and brokers views have to match so that no form of frustration occurs.

The kind of statements you are expected to receive

A question that might flare up is doing you intent to receive the statements by mail or effectively an email would suffice. The full time brokers might mail you statements, but a discount broker would send out mails as statements. If this works out important before signing up you should ask.

What is the volume of shares you might be buying?

The brokers are going to levy charges per 100 shares, but in case of other brokers the volume can be higher. You have to match your buying mode to the commission schedule

The amount of money you will be depositing

You need to ask your broker on the amount of money you would be depositing with them. Are they going to allow you to trade with the given money?

Extra services provided

The brokers go on to provide a number of extra services. They are going to include stock screeners, newsletters, and option calculators and so on. Eventually the added services might go on to make a considerable difference in your overall selection.

By asking the above questions before you approach a stock broker you end up making a sensible decision.

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