Earlier everything used to be done manually and it was very difficult to think of shortening the time frame in which a particular task was done. But with the help of software development every tasks that was earlier used to be done manually has been automated. There are many changes that took place with introduction and opting of software by the organizations. These are:

  • Digitalization of every payment methods and their connectivity with the banks.
  • Automation of tasks.
  • Saving of time.
  • Costs reduction and increasing the development of IT sector.
  • Helping employees reaching high targets and improving their targets for performing.

Apigee consultants had helped in providing organizations with all the products and solutions relating to software and its maintenance. Apigee like all other software firms is using the API program. API is the acronym that stands for Application programming Interface. API has some simple process that organizations can follow and create. The steps involved in creation of the API are as follows:

  • Recognizing the need: Organizations need to determine their need for developing the API. This depend on the type of business that the organizations i.e whether the organization is engaged in e-commerce business or any social media application.
  • Understanding the target audience: This step is important as the organization needs to determine the target audience for which this API need to be made. This also helps in developing the structure and interface of the API and for whom this needs to be done.
  • Developing API: The next step is to develop and API. For developing an API there are certain rules and format that needs to be followed. These formats are related to the name of API proxy and the platform where you can build it.
  • Indicating Key performance indicators: KPI is an important element in the making of API and an organization needs to shortlist the KPI and make them even better for the development process.
  • Feedback & corrective action: You can get the basic idea of your API by uploading it and making it available on the basic portal and get the review by asking your team to use it. You can get a proper feedback for your API and can make the required changes and fix all the bugs.
  • Marketing of API: This step involves making your proxy public and educating the customers relating to your API program and giving them all the details.

Developing an API involves a little technicalities and an organization needs to appoint a professional for doing this task. The proper working of API has helped in making the integration of software application more easy and convenient. API has also a big role in the proper working of software and proper functioning of the tasks that an organization needs to perform. Apigee consulting has also helped out in reaching the API goals of the organization. Also this company provides software solutions to organization of every size whether large or small.

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