The Demat account is an account in which trade is done electronically. A Demat account is an easy and convenient way to hold securities in electronic format. This has helped in the reduction of paperwork and transaction cost.

Here are the firms that provide services of FREE DEMAT ACCOUNT IN INDIA

  • Sharekhan

Sharekhan aims not only to the opening of the Demat account but more than that to start a relationship. It is one of the largest online trading in India and was founded by Mumbai-based entrepreneur. It is the 3rd largest retail brokerage house and offers a wide range to invest and trade in securities, Mutual Fund, Loans against Shares, wealth management, etc. At Sharekhan the process is simple and does not involve any paperwork. They also help their clients by proving the best guidance in which sector to invest.

  • Wisdom Capital

Wisdom Capital is a discount brokerage firm that charges no fees for the opening of Demat account or when trading is done. The wisdom capital offers 3 plans that meet the requirements of their customers namely-

  1. Freedom Plan- where the securities are traded in any of the divisions such as BSE, NSE, etc. and charges no brokerage fee.
  2. Pro Plan- the plans are formed according to the professional’s traders. The professional’s traders need intraday exposure, margins, and charges a brokerage fee of Rs 9 per trade.
  3. Unlimited Plan- the plans are made for those who are highly professional’s traders and need highly intraday exposures. The brokerage charged by them is Rs 15 per lots in option.
  • Motilal Oswal (MOSL)

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited is a stock broking company and is a Mumbai based company. The company provides trading in securities, currency commodities, securities, etc. There are various types of plans offered by them namely-

  1. Default Account- the default account is for those who want less risk and is for long – term stock investors. The account is for casual traders.
  2. Value Pack – these packs are taken by those who trade on a daily base and from a wide range of packs, customers can choose according to their needs with reduce fees.
  • HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities is an equity trading company, a segment of HDFC bank. The feature that it distinguishes from others is the trading account holds a three-in-one feature. The three – in- one feature means the integration of a bank savings account, trading account and Demat account which helps in time-saving of movement of shares and funds. Here, the orders for the purchase of securities are placed and the proceeds are received instantly. For proper management of the same, they require confirmation in the form of mail.

  • Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities are a segment of Kotak Mahindra Bank which is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The Kotak securities work and provide information to the clients and help the client in the process of decision making such as where and what time to invest. It also provides 3 in 1 one account which brought together a savings account, Demat account, and trading account into a great service.

The services that all the companies provide for the opening of Demat account and trading is free of cost. So, one should select the company by proper analysis and understanding from where to open a Demat account.

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