Vehicle Tracking Software: Everything You Need to Know

Vehicle Tracking Software: Everything You Need to Know

The tracking of vehicles is not a new concept. It has been around since GPS technology was licensed for public use at the dawn of the millennium. However, this technology has evolved very rapidly to provide the best tracking solutions to fleet companies.

Fleet companies of today are lucky because the current tracking solutions are smart, accurate, and easy to use. The value for the money is higher than ever. Most importantly, they are affordable whether you have a few vehicles or many.

What Is GPS Tracking?

When vehicle tracking is mentioned, GPS technology comes to mind although there are other technologies that are used. GPS involves the use of live coordinates tracked by satellite to identify the position of the vehicles at any one time. Unlike when GPS was first introduced, there are several satellites today, making it possible to quickly determine the position of vehicles.

Sophisticated tracking systems also use cellular internet to increase the accuracy of their tracking capability. As such, the vehicles have mobile internet equipment installed to enable the fleet managers and owners to access the vehicle locations through online software.

Buying Fleet Tracking Software

The process of installing appropriate GPS tracking software can be an uphill task if you do not know what to look for. To make your work easier, you can check useful information for you to read from a reliable seller’s website. To further make it easier, below are the things to consider.

  • Software features – Although the concept of tracking is the same, features might vary. Some are more detailed than others. Most importantly, check if the software transmits data in real time, what data it transmits, and how detailed the reports are. Some of the features include the actual position of the vehicles, live traffic, navigation guides, distance covered, and event notifications among others.
  • The nature of the technology used – GPS tracking uses satellites and cellular internet. Being able to track your vehicles online is very crucial. Many GPS solutions have mobile apps so that fleet managers can have access on the go. Also, the solution should provide online access rather than just using desktop software so that managers can access vehicle locations from any device in any location around the world.
  • Ease of use – User-friendly tracking software is the best. The interface should display important information and have easy-to-use navigation buttons. Actually, you should not need to refer to the manual every time you use this software. Additionally, choose a tracking solution that is equally easy to use whether you are accessing it from a mobile device, tablet, or computer.
  • Updates and support – Most of us know how crucial updates are to a system. Tracking software with regular updates remains the best because it rarely becomes obsolete or suffers security threats. Support, on the other hand, is critical just in case there is a problem. This is why your tracking solution should have 24/7 support.


When buying a tracking solution for your fleet company, do not rush into selecting one. Take as much time as possible to assess all the pros and cons of different options. Ensure that what you settle on is the best and that it will make a positive difference in your fleet company.

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