What are Some Educational NGOS?

What are Some Educational NGOS?

NGO is known as a non-profit organization that works for the unprivileged for their betterment. Educational NGOs referred to those, which helps the poor child to get the proper education which they deserve.

For educating the poor, they establish various programs, and one of them is Sponsor a Child. In Sponsor a Child Program, we can sponsor a child with some money, and the sponsored child will get free education for a year or so. This is an excellent initiative by the NGOs for the betterment of society and the country as well. Let’s know some of the educational NGOs :

1) Lok Kalyan Samiti

Lok Kalyan Samiti is a Delhi based NGO that focuses on educating a child and other healthcare services. Established in 1952, it offers various programs such as ‘Sponsor a Child.’ In Sponsor a Child program, you can sponsor a child with 5000 INR, and the sponsored child will get free education for one year.

Lok Kalyan Samiti has educated 4400 children over time, and it offers education from nursery to class 10. Regular activities and competitions are conducted to develop the skills among the children. Events such as Painting and essay competition, Debates, Children Festivals, etc. have been conducted.

2) Look for Child

Look for a child is dedicated to child education and remote communities in India. They also help poor parents with their medical treatment. They prevent the child from doing hazardous work. Instead, they send them to school.

Look for child also focuses on the emotional and financial stability of the poor by providing medical services and also by educating their child.

3) Smile Foundation India

Smile Foundation is another non-profit organization that benefits over 100,000+ children and families every year. They operate in 1000 remote villages and provide services such as healthcare, women empowerment, and livelihood.

Established in 2002, and it has reached in 25 states in India. Smile foundation uses the best method in order to educate and develop the skills of the poor child. Their main aim is to bring the change in the lives of the poor with a life cycle approach of development.

4) Parkshala

It is a Noida, Delhi based NGO that also focuses on transforming the lives of the unprivileged children. Other than educating the child, they also teach them how to defend themselves in case of eve-teasing, violence, molestation, and crimes. The training program is conducted once a week in which they teach them the techniques to improve both mental and physical strength.

Girls have been taught how to defend themselves in case of eve-teasing or rape, whereas boys have been taught not to be a part of crimes and stand up for women/children against such crimes.

5) Vidya India

It is a 33-year old NGO from Delhi which focuses on the social change by educating the poor children, women, and the youth. Practical education and proper training have been provided to enhance and to develop the skills.

A 10th-grade student in this NGO got 10 CGPA. Vidya makes a stories like this happen.


As we all know that education is important, and many unprivileged children unable to get a proper education. Above mentioned, NGOs help poor people to educate their children as their parents cannot afford their education.

So, Start donating today, and your little investment can improve someone’s life.

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