A Beginners Guide for Kodi Setup and Usage of Ubuntu-based Free VPNs

A Beginners Guide for Kodi Setup and Usage of Ubuntu-based Free VPNs

People want to get anywhere access to online content now like movies, TV shows, sports events, and almost everything. There are many ways to efficiently manage all these contents and get those available at your fingertips anytime. For accessing content online, one of the major applications used by thousands of people across the globe is Kodi. You can use this app to cast media to your home screens.

Kodi is a comprehensive home entertainment system, which will double as a gaming console also along with being a standard streaming device. Kodi was first introduced as the Xbox Media Player back in the year 2002 and later got renamed XBMC (Xbox Media Center), which then became Kodi in the year 2014.

Kodi is fully open-source and free to be used by anyone. This app is supported by a big community of freelance developers who are committed to contributing to its growth continuously. Anyone can customize kodi, and you can use it in a personalized way to get access to your most desired content. This is enabled with the use of Kodi add-ons. Let’s have a look into the set Kodi setup. One anotherimportant thing to consider in between is the use of a good VPN.

Top VPNs for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a Linux platform that is used by many. It’s open-source and so free to use with many editions as Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Core, and Ubuntu Server, etc. In this article, we will discuss some of the top free choices in VPNs for Ubuntu users.

Hide Me

This is a free VPN, which also comes with some premium plans offering additional features. This VPN scores above the others in terms of Ubuntu usage by offering optimum security through encryption and also can unblock various online content from across the globe.

Hotspot Shield

This is a multipurpose freemium VPN and most ideal for Ubuntu users too. Along with the free version, it has a premium version, too, with additional features. However, the free version itself is good enough to serve the purpose of a home Ubuntu user to access the content.


It’s another safe VPN service offering optimum privacy and security features to the users. Even though Linux and Ubuntu are safer by default, SaferVPN offers an additional layer of security also with encryption and zero log policy.

Some other free VPN for ubuntu options are NordVPN and Express VPN etc.

Kodi set up

As we know, Kodi is available for all different operating systems like Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc.  For iOS devices, you can set up Kodi by using the Cydia but can be only installed on jailbroken iOS devices. For all other platforms, including Linux and Windows, the installation process is straightforward by simply following the instructions on the screen.

Once you open the application, you can see the shortcuts on the screen on the left-hand side. Choose any categories like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Radio, TV, Videos, Add-ons, Sports, Games, Weather, etc. and you can access that particular category listing. Based on your personal interests, one can easily customize these categories and shortcuts and personalized the skin for easy navigation.

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