Different Types of Washing Machines Available in Indian Market

It is not an easy to buy a washing machine for your home nowadays as there are many types of washing machines are available in the market. Since you bought a washing machine for the last time, the market and technology have surely changed a lot so you can find yourself a little lost.

The washing machines are in the group of appliances that has evolved the most in recent years: they now have many more functions and possibilities than before. Being aware of the needs of each one to choose the washing machine that best suits our expense or type of clothing is essential so pay attention to check this article so as not to get lost among the infinite number of options that you will find when buying your new and best washing machine.

Before you start comparing washing machines like a madman, measure the space you have available and, if you plan to buy a front-loading one, make sure that you will be able to open the door without problems.

Are Two in One washing Machines good? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

One of the great advantages of integrating two appliances in one is space-saving. In smaller houses, space is a very precious asset, so managing the space required to wash and dry all the clothes and laundry is basically an essential thing. With its working method, you can dry your clothes with steam after washing them. This saves a lot of time.

Modern appliances are also beneficial in terms of energy saving. It is convenient to check what energy class each model has since it can mean a great saving month by month in the electricity bill. Pay attention to the fact that two in one washing machines consume much more electricity than a separate washing machine but basically, it is fewer than an individual washer and dryer.

Why should we opt for Front Loader Washing Machines?

Instead of top loaders, Front-loading washing machines generally contain more space inside to wash much more clothes at a time, and with this advantage, they use much less water to wash clothes properly.

On the other hand, yes, front-loading washing machines tend to be more expensive, although it is also true and worth to keep in mind that they require less water to operate and that, in the long run, represents a significant saving. You should pay attention to it.

Are Top Loaders better than Front Loaders?

Quite widespread in the United States, top-loading washing machines represent a niche market in India, to the point, that some manufacturers do not even market this type of washing machine in our country.

Top Loading Machines are much low priced than the front-loaded ones as the mechanism and the technology used in these machines is cheaper. On the other hand, they are more compact, which is a point in favor especially on small floors and, in addition, the load of clothes is much more comfortable to not have to bend down.

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