Have you seen a wedding video invitation?

Have you seen a wedding video invitation?

If you remember seeing a couple pretty much in love walking, holding hands and eyes into each other – it’s not a love song its a wedding video invitation. Yeah! Wedding video invitations have gotten as filmy as possible. Scenic locations and fancy props have done their best to make the couple look like they’re straight out of a movie. Call it cheesy, the couples love this attention though. And aside from the attention, the wedding video invitation is also a very good way for the couple to spend time with each other. With so much said about the wedding video invitation here are 5 reasons why a couple must create a wedding video invitation.


Wedding video invitations might seem like a big expense to make initially but if it is the only form of inviting you are opting for, then it is a pretty reasonable amount of expense. It can go anywhere from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 5 Lacs. Most photographers/videographers add it as a service along with the other photography deliverables. But whatever said and done, a wedding video invitation always makes an impression.

Easy to send

A wedding video invitation is the most hassle-free type of invitation existing. It’s only a matter of getting the right file and sending it to friends and family through WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. There is also another merit to this apart from making an impact, it also something the guests will remember you for.

Opportunity to be in front of the camera for a day

This might sound funny, but who doesn’t love to be in the spotlight. While your wedding is your way to shift the spotlight on yourself, this wedding video invitation is your opportunity to shift the spotlight to the couple that you are. There are a lot of types of wedding video invitations itself – like story format, funny, a showcase of romantic moments, time-lapse, gif, showing a timeline of the story and much more.

Way to show your fun side

In an attempt to make wedding video invitations meaningful/memorable, couples are trying a lot of things. It’s a good opportunity to let the guests get a taste of your fun side. While some couples take to the swimming pool, some others use the beach as their wedding video invitation location. Some others stay indoors and a lot of couples also travel intensively to get this video right. In India, Kerala, Jaipur, Udaipur, North East, Goa and Pondicherry are good places to shoot wedding video invitations in.

Easy to spend time with each other

This according to the wedding experts, is the best reason anyone would decide to do a wedding video invitation. It’s a good way to spend some fun, quality time together and be in the spotlight. Best part? Some really cute shots come out of this and end up becoming lifelong memories for the couple.

So these are the reasons why a couple should definitely consider a wedding video invitation for their wedding.

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