What Kind of Spark Plugs Do I Need for My Honda CR-V?

What Kind of Spark Plugs Do I Need for My Honda CR-V?

Working on your Honda CR-V can be a lot of fun and a great way to save on maintenance costs. Furthermore, it can make owning your SUV more meaningful. It isn’t just a vehicle to get around in, it’s your project. From brake pad replacement jobs to changing the oil, you can do a lot in your garage. However, when you get to trying to change the spark plugs, you may be left uncertain which ones to buy.

Finding the Right Type for Your SUV

Different years and trim levels of the Honda CR-V have used different spark plugs. Many of the modern models use iridium spark plugs. However, the best way to determine which is right for your SUV is to consult your owner’s manual. Learn more about the different types below.

If you don’t have your manual, check with your favorite auto parts store online or in-person. Most can give you guidance on which plugs to buy. Some stores even offer a VIN lookup tool that makes figuring out the right parts even simpler.

Types of Spark Plugs

There are a few different spark plug types. The key difference between them is principally the metal they are made with.

Copper spark plugs have a copper core and nickel alloy electrode. These are relatively soft metals and have a lower service life than the other types. However, they are well-suited for low-voltage ignitions such as the systems found in older vehicles. They are also useful in high-performance settings.

Platinum spark plugs use the harder metal for the electrodes. This makes them last significantly longer than copper plugs. They run hotter than copper plugs, but this helps prevent fouling and deposits. Many newer vehicles with electronic distributor-based ignitions use platinum or the similar iridium spark plugs.

Iridium is even harder than platinum. Compared to platinum, these plugs will last about 25% longer. They are also noted for being effective even in the most extreme operating conditions. Therefore, they are great for very hot or very cold environments. Many modern Honda CR-Vs call for this type of spark plug. It is definitely worth using them if indicated in your owner’s manual.

There are also double-platinum and double-iridium spark plugs. Despite the name, these are not simply upgraded versions of their single counterparts. Instead, they feature two discs to allow backward-jump, side-to-center sparks. This increases the service life but may not work with all ignition systems that can use the single versions. Only use spark plugs that are described in your owner’s manual.

Find Your Today

Working on your SUV can be a lot of fun. Plus, changing a spark plug or four is an easy task. Anyone can learn how to do it with some basic tools you can pick up at the auto parts store.

Get started working on your Honda CR-V today. Maybe after you’ve changed the spark plugs, you can try changing the oil or performing other maintenance tasks. You may be surprised by how much you can do yourself with a little patience and some online guidance.

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